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ecotherm insulation

Smart technology of natural origin brings revolution to our homes
energy savings up to 35%
advanced achievement of significant energy comfort,  complete elimination of condensation and its consequences.

In search of an advanced and long-term solution that will provide your building with a complete top performance, EcoTherm thermal insulation appears – as never before a thinner form of insulation material in the advanced achievement of significant energy comfort, complete elimination of condensation and its consequences. The installation is done from the inside, where the coating layer is ultra-thin and is only 1, up to a maximum of 3 mm.

On the other hand, EcoHidro waterproofing impregnating agent is a top solution for permanently successful sealing of pores of building materials, which prevents the process of capillary wetting and consequent diseases. It is an excellent overture in the teaching of surface treatment with EcoTherm thermal insulation in order to achieve completely healthy and protected wall surfaces that create energy savings in both summer and winter.

Smart technology of natural origin

EcoTherm is a nanometer-based one-millimeter thermal insulation for interior insulation. Without changing the appearance and size of the space, with simple and customized installation methods, it provides energy savings of up to 35% – local or complete treatment of building surfaces.

​With its properties, it ensures complete temperature comfort of your space, significant energy savings and higher temperature consistency. It also prevents the occurrence of condensation and the formation of wet spots, and with acoustic excellence ensures the most suitable sound environment of the building.

Innovation for indoor installation

At a time of high market saturation with various materials and products that try to comprehensively provide the most important to the end customer, more specifically provide the best with performance and cost savings, EcoTherm is emerging as a determinant of new trends in the construction industry. As a guaranteed natural product – it is the result of the latest achievements in reflective technology, as well as the use of advanced materials – glass microspheres.

The ultra-thin thermal insulator quickly absorbs and reflects energy back to its sources, creating a barrier that maintains and balances the room temperature and prevents heat loss. By heating the walls and removing “cold spots”, EcoTherm thermal insulation prevents the possibility of condensation and mold in the room, creating a long-term “wall-to-wall” atmosphere.

an ideal replacement for classic insulation

For owners of apartments in residential buildings, buildings belonging to historical and cultural heritage, as well as owners of houses and buildings that cannot be thermally insulated from the outside (due to materials used in construction, such as stone or proximity to a neighboring household), classic insulation has long been a problem complicated and / or impossible installation process. EcoTherm is a simple solution that does not require large investments and long works, and is slowly becoming a new way of insulating such buildings from the inside.

For owners of business premises and tourist facilities, maintaining costs and ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment is a constant challenge. EcoTherm is a cost-effective way to improve conditions and reduce energy bills. Quick and easy application can be done with minimal interference and without affecting the size of the space.

EcoTherm is also used to increase energy efficiency in industrial processes.


EcoTherm is a product of the latest nanotechnology with exceptional thermal insulation and reflective properties. Classic insulation materials do not have reflective properties and cannot affect the maintenance of the room temperature. Due to the exceptional properties of nanoparticles in the form of hollow balls of very small dimensions, EcoTherm achieves excellent results with a small coating thickness of only 1 mm. ​One of the main components of EcoTherm thermal insulation are microspheres that create a thermal break. They operate on the basis of the process of absorbing, reflecting and emitting heat. Reflective properties ensure the maintenance of the desired, higher or lower, temperature.

How do they work?

By detecting heat, they absorb part of the energy of the space into the applied layer of the product, creating a temperature balance between the environment and the treated surface – providing a feeling of comfort “from wall to wall” and eliminating the so-called. “cold” bridges, but also mitigating all the sound energy created inside or outside the space (acoustic excellence).

With the property of reflection, they ensure the return of heat to its sources and longer maintenance of the desired room temperature – which indicates less need for the use of heat energy sources. They get the same effect when cooling the room, while maintaining a comfortable temperature.



Superior vapor permeability and elimination of so-called “cold” bridges.


An easy way of processing similar to renovating a room.


Long-term maintenance of achieved, higher or lower, room temperature.


A process that lasts two days with minimal interference.


Insulation only one millimeter thick.


Continuous equalization of the temperature of the treated surface and the surrounding air.


Energy savings range up to 35%.


Complete spatial installation ensures noise suppression inside and outside the treated space.

EcoTherm revolutionizes building insulation with its ultra-thin, advanced nanotechnology, providing up to 35% energy savings, superior temperature balance, and acoustic comfort, making it an ideal, cost-effective solution for diverse architectural needs.